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An Insight Into Cleeve Technology Post COVID-19

Cleeve Technology has used the COVID-19 lockdown to implement streamlining and efficiency measures to secure its future and to offer its customers real-time benefits. We believe the re-structuring of our global design, manufacture and distribution expertise will provide further added-value to our diverse range of customers. We have re-shaped UK and Canadian operations to align with your future needs and these key operational changes are outlined below.


Cleeve Tech Products 35

UK Operations

  • We focus on Sales and Technical Support to bring added value to our customers.
  • We offer full Project Management services and support.
  • We provide system and component design services using SolidWorks© and HarnWare© software.
  • We provide fast tract prototyping services for harness systems and SLA modelling for component prototypes.
  • We continue to provide on-time-deliveries and improved efficiencies.
  • We have integrated all of the Canadian manufacturing capability into the UK operation and improved manufacturing efficiencies by using Lean Manufacturing concepts.


Cleeve Technology Canada

Canada Operations

  • We have integrated all of the UK manufacturing capability into the Canadian operation and improved manufacturing efficiencies by using Lean Manufacturing concepts.
  • We provide stock profiling to offer customers Just-In-Time capability for Program Management and component demand.
  • We provide Vendor Managed Inventory capability to key customers.
  • We provide benefits of shorter lead-times and competitive pricing through rationalisation concepts.


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Future with Cleeve Technology International

I look forward to meeting with you shortly.
Paul Church
CEO and President

Please contact the following should you have any questions or requirements:
Derek Chambers, UK Operations:
Tel: 07919524526

Paul Church, Global Operations:
Tel: 001-905-579-9502

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– Og Mandino

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